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Xhorse VVDI BMW Coding and Programming Tool Coming Soon

Xhorse VVDI BMW Coding and Programming Tool Coming Soon

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  by L Smith   Jan 23, 2019
i am interested in VVDI BMW,when i can get one?how about the price?
Reply #1 by Susie   Jan 24, 2019
Hello,before the holiday,we will not have.
  by Ian McIlwraith   Jan 23, 2019
When will VVDI BMW be available?
Reply #1 by Susie   Jan 24, 2019
Hello,thanks for your message.
Before Chinese new year holiday,it will not have.
  by Hamza   Nov 24, 2017
Is xhorse bmw for BMW Key Programming function?and will vvdi2 bmw keep updating?
Reply #1 by Susie   Nov 24, 2017
Hello,thanks for your inquiry.
VVDI BMW is for coding and programming.And vvdi2 will keep updating,please do not worry.
Best wishes.
  by Omrie   Nov 21, 2017
Quanto to prescisando de uma
  by Arman Dyuval   Oct 23, 2017
What is difference of VVDI2 and VVDI BMW key programmer?
  by Raid Mesbah   Oct 23, 2017
When will VVDI BMW in stock?how about its functions?
Reply #1 by Susie   Oct 23, 2017
Hello,dear Raid,
Thanks for your inquiry.
It is not in stock at present,if more info we will mark out on website.
  by Mohammad S   Oct 23, 2017
What will vvdi bmw support?can do more than VVDI2 BMW?