About My Order

I have placed an order, but i don't pay, I wander if there is some discount for me to buy 4 items together? I have tracked my order on DHL website, but no information showed, why? I placed an order 3 days ago, but i haven't got my tracking No., what happened? Some months ago I bought the item, but now I noticed that there is newer version on your website, can i get the newest software free? Today I received my item, and it arrived well, but I found that I made the wrong order, can I get exchange? Today I placed an order, but I have no enought money on my paypal, can I pay it some days later? Is there time limit? I only want to buy one item, but as the computer system problem, I have placed several same orders, do I have to cancel them? I don't have paypal account nor credit card, how can I pay for the item? When I place an order and check out via PayPal, but it tells me my payment failed, why was that? How can I get information whether my item shipped or not? I have placed an order and the payment is ok, when do you ship my item?